Creating wealth depends a lot on your attitude concerning finances and poverty. Let’s look at some attitudes that prevail in society.

Being Wealthy: Most wealthy people possess a strong work ethic and they are focused on their objectives. Sacrifice and perseverance are the attributes of the wealthy and extravagant lifestyles are not the norm.  They are always looking for new opportunities and are aware of what is going on in the overall economy. They do their own homework and do not rely on opinions of others. A major difference is that they are focused on objectives and they have a purpose in mind as they formulate ideas for products and services to bless others. They are focused on adding value.

Wealthy without the zeal: Most that fall into this category would like to be wealthy but lack the drive, persistence, and purpose of the true wealthy. They look for shortcuts and are usually not prone to listening to advice from others. They really ultimately lack wisdom. They remain too focused on wealth without looking to provide value to their ideas or products. They aspire for more and if they seek guidance and mentorship-they can succeed.

Middle Class: Most middle class people are great workers in a job or in a business that suits them. They remain focused on pension plans and retirement vehicles and feel that on their own they cannot produce real wealth. There is nothing wrong in this. Hard working people are needed in all spheres of society and they pay their bills and support their families. More is available to them though if they would dare to dream.

Poverty: This is a curse. Victim mentality prevails and they lose hope. Some fall in this trap through tragedy, family lifestyles, or bad financial decisions. Most look for others to help them: government, entitlement programs, or handouts from family or friends.

We can and should help the poor but more important we should provide them hope that they can lift themselves out of poverty. Society provides us with endless examples of people that have succeeded out of terrible poverty. They needed someone to believe in them. We can all use our talents to reach out and provide any assistance we can.

My wife and I befriended two young people from the inner cities and helped them with their finances and how to set up bank accounts and checking accounts. We took them around for job interviews and to fill out job applications. After they found jobs we assisted them with how to manage their finances and budget – Simple but very effective.

Personal responsibility needs to be taught and people can move up to a better and fulfilling life.

Where do you stand in relation to wealth and poverty?

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