Are you willing to take the challenge to get control of your finances? Let’s look at ways to cut your overall expenses;

  • Cable or satellite TV: We had both and cut loose. The charges kept going up arbitrarily and were getting to the $100/mo. range. Options: We got ROKU. With an internet connection you can watch what you want at no extra expense. One time investment.
  • Cell phones: We used a major carrier for several years. My wife and I had a joint phone plan. Costing $96/mo. Switched to Consumer Cellular. Same plan for both phones. $38/mo.
  • Electricity: You have direct control on this. Always close the lights when leaving any room. Adjusting the room temperatures during the different seasons can make a huge difference.
  • Transportation: Do you really need that new vehicle. Over the last 30 years we have bought used vehicles with low miles, did the appropriate maintenance, and ran these vehicles to 200,000 miles plus.
  • Food: Eating out can use up a lot of your cash. Keep tabs on this. Never throw away leftovers. Shop the sales. Big savings. Coupons to.
  • Insurance savings: Shop around for all insurances. Vehicle, home, health, life and disability. Get new quotes at least every 18 months.

Just a few ideas that I will elaborate further on in future posts.


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