Essential Skills and Habits You Need to Work with Others Part II


Honor Your Commitments

Always try to allow enough time to complete projects in a timely manner, even when something unexpected comes up. It’s much better to give yourself more time than necessary to finish whenever you’re working on, rather than to underestimate the time needed to complete the assignment. This way, you don’t have to worry about disappointing your employer or your colleagues.

Go the extra mile. Always follow up on things, whenever possible. This accomplishes two things. One, it strengthens workplace relationships. Two, it provides you with important feedback regarding your performance.

Practice Proper Hygiene

Regardless of whether you’re working with the public or in a back office, practicing proper hygiene is essential when you work with others. No one wants to be around someone who smells bad or looks like they slept in their clothing. This doesn’t mean you have to dress like the rich and famous. It simply means to shower daily and come to work looking and smelling presentable.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider purchasing clothing at local thrift stores. You can pick up great deals on clothing that’s perfectly suitable for work. These stores typically stock a wide variety of business attire at fantastic prices. You just have to be there at the right time, which is on the days that the store gets deliveries.

Turn Off Your Phone

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days. If you work in a large office, constant ringing can be a major distraction. Unless you need your phone for work purposes, turn it off or put it away. Quickly reading a text message when someone is speaking to you is extremely rude. It gives the impression that your phone is more important than your job. Make a habit of checking your messages or making quick calls during your breaks or lunch period.

Share Credit

When applicable, sharing credit with your co-workers is a sure sign that you work well with others. Not only will that person or individuals like you even more than they did before, you’ll probably gain a higher level of respect as well.

On the other hand, if you don’t share credit when credit is due, you’ll gain a reputation as someone who is selfish and out to sabotage everyone else in attempt to get ahead. If you happen to get away with this without anyone complaining, don’t waste your time celebrating. In reality, the truth usually prevails and you won’t get ahead – you may just find yourself in the unemployment line instead.

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