Having a thankful spirit regardless of the situations we may be facing is a crucial step in living a stress free life. We all have had, will have, and maybe are in a crisis in our lives. Our lives ebb and flow with victories, disappointments, challenges, setbacks, and losses.

That is life for all people who have walked on this earth. I have learned, as the Apostle Paul has said, to be content in all things; whether abounding or in need.

Our needs may not be material or financial but spiritual, physical, social, or mental. Today’s world is in turmoil but we can be at peace if we have an eternal perspective and hope. As a Christian I have a hope and assurance that God is ultimately in control of everything and especially my life. Nothing escapes God or surprises Him.

I have learned that He will supply all of my needs, as I focus on Him and put Him first. He has never let me down and never will. I might not have felt like He was there, but He was.

As we live our lives one day at a time, let us be thankful for the little things. As an American, I feel blessed to be living in this country. It is not a perfect country but it is the best country for me. Let us count the good and not the bad. America has weathered many a storm and this too shall pass.

Be thankful for being able to breath, work, eat, walk, live in comfort, have family, have a future and hope.

Be blessed to be a blessing. Be thankful!

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