With the Internet we can find out if someone burped on the other side of the world and what made them burp!  Instant news is available 24 hours per day. How much can we take in or should take in before we get on overload?

I don’t know about you but I can only take so much negative news. It is a priority for us to be careful what we allow in our minds. Like it or not our subconscious mind takes everything in and it affects us mind, body, soul, and spirit.

If we want a prosperous, abundant, and stress free life, we need to monitor what we see, hear, and devote our time to. What to do if you are on information overload?

Turn off the TV, don’t check the news on the Internet, and don’t check emails. You are probably going through withdrawal at this time with these recommendations. The world will still go on and the emails will still be there.

How much do we need to know? We live in such a small world today that nothing happens without it being reported. How many good deeds go untold? We don’t hear about those.

I have made a resolution to seriously consider what I let my mind focus on. We are all naturally curious but we can function without constant input.

Imagine what would happen if for some unseen reason all televisions would cease to work. Panic, revolt, riots!

After a couple of days-peace and quiet. When my children where young we got rid of cable TV and rarely watched it. We had times of fellowship, playing board games, playing cards, time together building memories.

We still talk about it today.


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