HOW TO WORK WELL WITH OTHERS: PART II Why It Can Be Challenging to Work with Others

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There are several reasons why it can be challenging to work with others. Many people have a tendency to bring their egos to their job site. It could be that these individuals are really self-conscious and unsure of themselves underneath. So, they use a big ego as a cover-up.

Quite honestly, grandstanding at work backfires more often than not. It creates resentment and bad feelings very quickly. When an employee doesn’t work well with others, for whatever reason, chances are high that that person will end up getting terminated.

If this unbecoming behavior continues, the same person risks getting terminated over and over again until he or she finally finds a job where getting along with people doesn’t matter. It’s a sad scenario when you think about it. Don’t let it happen to you!

Another challenging part of working with others is making an effort to avoid competition. If a fellow employee isn’t getting along with you, it may be because of the competitive aspects of your job description and the fact that they’re trying to beat you at something.

Yes, it’s true that a bit of friendly competition can entice workers into improving their performance. However, bringing someone else’s work performance up in order to get to them isn’t going to do anything other than hurt their feelings. This can lead to a decrease in your own performance and could even cause you to think about moving on and finding a job elsewhere.

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