What do people worry about: The future, family, job, health, retirement, bills, etc. What does worry accomplish: Sleepless nights, anxiety, lack of energy, ulcers, indecision, loss of confidence, etc.

Worry is negative thinking at its worse. At times we worry about things beyond our control and most of the time nothing happens and we wasted energy, effort, and time.

How to combat worry? Live by faith and not by sight! Instead of focusing on what can go wrong, focus on what can go right. There is nothing that you can experience that someone else has not already experienced and come through on the other side.

In today’s negative environment, none of us can afford to watch the news and hear all the pundits (who mostly don’t have a clue) pontificate their dubious opinions.

I read a lot of biographies of people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. When I compare my challenges to theirs-life is a piece of cake.

Don’t take life too seriously! Don’t’ take yourself too seriously! Have faith!






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